Jeanne has been a full-time resident of the district for 35 years and knows first hand the urgent issues facing our communities.  She is in the fourth year of her four year term.

Jeanne sponsored and passed 18 bills during the 2011 legislative session, 15 bills in 2012, 16 bills in 2013 and 19 bills in 2014.  She has served on several committees including Local Government, Appropriations, Education, Legislative Council, Health and Human Services, and Judiciary.

Jeanne has been a two-time Florence Nightingale finalist and received the Children’s Champion Award in 2009 for her work in promoting the importance of early childhood development. She and her husband Craig reside in Gilpin County next to Golden Gate State Park. They have two sons and one foster daughter.

Among her accomplishments as a county commissioner, Nicholson provided the political leadership to build a “green” Road and Bridge building in Gilpin County. Heated with wood chips, the building saves money on utilities, reduces the county’s carbon footprint, and provides jobs for local loggers. This program has become a model for other public facilities around the state including projects undertaken by the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL).

Nicholson, a former public health nurse, also spearheaded efforts to provide a childcare center and after school program. She supported an expanded recycling program to include recycling of hazardous waste materials. She initiated a property tax work-off program for senior citizens and disabled citizens.
Nicholson Family

Nicholson served on Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) Board of Directors and the Colorado Child Welfare Allocation Committee. She served as the Chair of the Health and Human Services Steering committee for CCI and chaired the Colorado Commission on Family Medicine. She was named Colorado Commissioner of the year in 2005.

Jeanne has been extremely active in her support of child, family, community and education based initiatives and programs both politically and personally for many years:

More photos of Jeanne

Jeanne’s Master’s degree from the University of Colorado is in Community Health Nursing. Her Master’s thesis was on “Politician’s Perceptions of Public Health”

In 2008 Jeanne helped draft and pass the Colorado Public Health Improvement Act.

In 1986, Jeanne completed a Community Health Assessment for Gilpin County addressing D.U.I.s (Gilpin County had the third highest per capita in the U.S.) . In response, Jeanne helped institute a bartender training program, after-prom, drug-free events, and transportation for senior citizens who were socially isolated. The next three years saw the alcohol-related injury rate decline from 18 to 2 per year.

Current Boards and Commissions:

Colorado Foundation for Public Health and Environment
Flood Disaster Study Committee
Wildfire Matters Interim Committee, Chair
Colorado Gaming Impact Committee
Colorado Historic and Scenic Byways Commission, Chair
State Capitol Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Committee

Former Boards and Commissions:

State Wide Portal Authority  Board
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Gilpin County Board of Commissioners
Gilpin County Human Services Advisory Board
Colorado Counties, Inc. Board
Family Home Health Board
Gilpin County Board of Health
Colorado Child Welfare Allocation Committee
Gilpin Water District, Chair
Front Range Fuels Treatment Roundtable
Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Board Member
National Association of Counties Health Committee
Colorado Commission on Family Medicine, Chair
Eagles Nest Child Care Center
American Stop Smoking Intervention Study, State Board
Colorado West Mental Health Center Board
Fraser Child Care Center Board President
TRIAD Early Childhood Council
Colorado Action for Healthy People Board
Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission

Former Professional Memberships:

Colorado Public Health Association, Past President
Colorado Nurses’ Association
American Public Health Association
Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing
Colorado County Nurses’ Association, President
Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado

Civic Organizations:

Former Member of Rotary International Peak to Peak Club

Honors and Awards:

2015 University of Colorado College of Nursing Alumni Association Lifetime Achievement Award
2014 Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Legislator of the Year Award
2013 Colorado Public Health Association Legislative Excellence Award
2013 University of Idaho Legislative Energy Horizon Institute Energy Policy Planning Program Certificate
2013 Women’s Lobby of Colorado 100% Scorecard
2013 Colorado Youth Corps Legislator of the Year
2012 Community Health Champion
2012 Colorado Community College System Legislator of the Year
2011 Graduate of Council of State Government’s Legislative Academy
2009 Children’s Champion Award
2009 Florence Nightingale Finalist
2008 Legislative Award
2007 Florence Sabin Award
2005 Colorado County Commissioner of the Year Award
2003 John Muth Award
1994 Colorado Nurses’ Association 90th Anniversary Award for Nursing Leadership
1994 Lillian Wald Award for Excellence in Public Health Nursing
1991 Most Outstanding Alcohol and Drug Abuse School Prevention Program, Mile High Council on Alcoholism
1990 Florence Nightingale Award Finalist
1986 Most Valuable Gilpin County Community Member Award
1986 Certificate of Merit for High School Health Curriculum at Gilpin County School
1986 Prevention Center Distinguished Service Award – Community-Based Drunk Driving Prevention Program
1985 C.H.A.M.P. Award, Colorado Public Health Association
1975 Most Innovative Program Award, Colorado Mental Health Association

Senator Nicholson and her two sons at the Colorado County Commissioner of the Year Award Ceremony