At The Capitol


2013 Legislative Session

Bills I am sponsoring in the Senate

  1. SB 44 – Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan Incentives - House Sponsor: Representative Don Coram
  2. SB 82 – Interim Wildfire Committee –  House Sponsor: Representative Claire Levy and Representative Cheri Gerou
  3. SB 83 – Concerning the Creation of a Prescribed Burn Program – House Sponsor: Representative Claire Levy and Representative Cheri Gerou
  4. SB 151 – Sunset Massage Therapists – House Sponsor Representative Diane Primavera
  5. SB 173 – Gaming Sunset Review – House Sponsor Dan Pabon
  6. SB 182 – Resale Time Shares Deceptive Practices - Representative Angela Williams
  7. SB 185 – Tobacco Education Prevention Cessation Grant Program 
  8. SB 220 – Paramedics and EMT as Mandatory Reporters - Representative Rhonda Fields
  9. SB 242 – Adult Medicaid Oral Health Benefit – Representative Diane Primavera
  10. SB 261 – Community Grant Programs for Fluoridation and Child Tooth Sealants – Representative Beth McCann
  11. SB 266 – Coordinated Behavioral Health Crisis Response – Senator Irene Aguilar, Representative Tracy Kraft Tharp and Representative Dave Young
  12. SB 269 – Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Program - Senator Ellen Roberts, Representative Don Coram, and Representative Mike McLachlan
  13. SB 270 – Wildfire Preparedness and Emergency Response Fund - Senator Ellen Roberts, Representative Don Coram, and Representative Mike McLachlan
  14. SB 271 – Address Confidentiality Program for Domestic Violence Victims – Representative Diane Primavera
  15. SB 273 – Renewable Energy Forest Biomass Incentives – Senator Gail Schwartz and Representative Millie Hamner
  16. SJR 26 – Holocaust Awareness Week – Senator Kevin Grantham, Representative Sue Schafer, and Representative Bob Gardner

Bills I am sponsoring in the House

  1. HB 1012 – Extend Wildfire Mitigation Incentive Funds - House Sponsor: Representative Cheri Gerou and Representative Claire Levy
  2. HB 1031 – All Hazards Resource Mobilzation and Reimbursement - House Sponsor: Representative Cheri Gerou an Representative Claire Levy
  3. HB 1057 – Retain the Avalanche Information Center in the Dept. of Natural Resources - House Sponsor: Representative Diane Mitsch Bush
  4. HB 1087 – Membership Human Services Allocation Committee – House Sponsor: Representative Jenise May
  5. HB 1036 – Authority of a Local Improvement District - House Sponsor: Representative Jonathan Singer
  6. HB 1097 – Duties of Coroners – House Sponsor: Representative Bob Gardner
  7. HB 1036 – Authority of a Local Improvement District – House Sponsor: Representative Jon Singer
  8. HB 1209 – Child Support Revisions - House Sponsor: Representative Jenise May
  9. HB 1225 – Homeowner’s Insurance Reform Act – House Sponsor: Representative Clair Levy
  10. HB 1271 – Child Abuse Hotline - Senator Linda Newell, Representative Jonathan Singer, and Representative Jenise May
  11. HB 1292 – Keep Jobs in Colorado Act - Senator Andy Kerr, Representative Dan Pabon, and Representative Pete Lee
  12. HB 1309 – Health Insurance Coverage for Breast Imaging – Representative Diane Primavera


2012 Legislative Session

Bills Initiated in the Senate

  1. SB 101 – Enhance local improvement district authority
    House Sponsor: Representative Laura Bradford
  2. SB 021 – Increase adult financial literacy
    House Sponsor: Representative Pete Lee
  3. SB 108 – Improve oral health of pregnant and postpartum Medicaid-enrolled women
  4. SB 066 – Expand the definition of Guardian to increase permanent placement of children
    House Sponsor: Representative Bob Gardner
  5. SB 064 – Continue Colorado Children’s Trust Fund
    House Sponsor: Representative Tom Massey
  6. SB 161 - Reduce Correctional Facility Health Care Costs
    House Sponsor: Representative Laura Bradford

Bills Initiated in the House

  1. HB 1117 – Local Government allowing charitable giving from motorists
    House Sponsor: Representative David Balmer
  2. HB 1050 – Continue endangered wildlife fund
    House Sponsor: Representative Roger Wilson
  3. HB 1116 – Increase consumer protection for time share owners
    House Sponsor: Representative Carole Murray
  4. HB 1058 – Eliminate Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s responsibility to provide eye prophylaxis treatment for newborns for health care providers
    House Sponsor: Representative Janak Joshie
  5. HB 1032 – Continue Forestry Related Programs
    House Sponsor: Representative Millie Hamner
  6. HB 1211 – Requiring title insurance agents to have a physical office in state
    House Sponsor: Representative Matt Jones
  7. HB 1214 – Allows certain health care fields for community college two-year degree programs without a student transfer
    House Sponsor: Representative Jon Becker
  8. HB 1282 – State geological survey review of subdivision plan
    House Sponsor: Representative Robert Ramirez
  9. HB 1065 – Allows advanced practiced nurses to continue to issue prescriptions
    House Sponsor:  Representative Pete Lee
  10. HB 1325 – Tracks transactions related to Methamphetamine Drugs
    House Sponsor:  Representative Ken Summers
  11. HB 1326 - Concerning Assistance To The Elderly
    House Sponsor: Representative Cindy Acree and John Kefalas
  12. HB 1329 - County Treasurer Becoming Public Trustee House Sponsors Scott, Pabon, Sonnenberg, Looper, Barker, Nikkel, Liston, Kerr J., Stephens, and Vaad

CO Prime Sponsor

  1. Limit access to tobacco products when sales are directed toward children with Sen. Giron

Senate Committees


Senator Nicholson is serving on four committees this legislative session.

  • Health and Human Services
  • Judiciary Committee
  • Legislative Council
  • Local Government  Committee – Vice Chair

Senate Appointments

  • Gaming Impact Committee
  • Health Exchange Legislative Oversight Committee
  • Statewide Internet Portal Authority Board

Accomplishments during the 2011 Legislative Session

Bills Signed into Law

Senator Nicholson’s first legislative session was extremely productive.  As a freshmen senator she was the prime sponsor of 16 bills, 15 were signed into law by the Governor.  The majority of these laws protect children, promote forest health, preserve our environment, and help Colorado citizens get back on track. The following is a summary of the legislation.

  • Senate Bill 21 passed and was signed by the Governor.  This bill removes term limits for members of the Water and Waste Water Operators Certification Board to ensure that the most qualified members are serving.
  • Senate Bill 34, which requires WIC educators to become mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect, passed and was signed by the Governor.
  • Senate Bill 110 passed and was signed by the Governor.  This bill will improve forest health by having county commissioners in forested areas develop open burning permits so that private landowners can safely burn slash on their property and cuts down on Ips beetle attacks.
  • Senate Bill 177 extends the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program to help reduce teen pregnancy and dropout rates in at risk counties. This bill passed and was signed by the Governor.
  • Senator Bill 238 extends funding for the Wildfire Preparedness Fund so that communities
  • House Bill 1042 which will Change Residential Land Classifications so that victims of natural disaster are not additionally burdened with higher property taxes has moved through the House and is now heading to the State Senate where I will introduce it.
  • House Bill 1151 requires offenders who injure or kill service animals to pay the veterinary fees and/or costs associated with replacement of the animal. This includes service animals working for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, or Search and Rescue. The Bill has been introduced and passed through the House. The bill is up for third reading and final passage in the Senate scheduled for Friday, March 18th, 2011.
  • House Bill 1167 protects the records of Juveniles by sealing records of minor drug offenses. This bill passed through the House and is headed to the senate.
  • House Bill 1201 will streamline the educator licensing process to save administrative time and money. This bill has been introduced and sent to the House Education Committee. It will now head to the Appropriations Committee.
  • House Bill 1203 is a bill I am newly sponsoring that will ensure that private custodians of criminal records seal these records when ordered to by the courts. This bill has passed through the house and I will now introduce this bill in the senate.
  • House Bill 1210 will require the Colorado Department of Transportation to consult with local governments and businesses and make a recommendation to the general assembly on how to best improve the I-70 corridor. This bill has passed through the house and I will now introduce this bill in the senate.
  • House Bill 1242 requires the Department of Health Care Policy and Finance to study issues conceding the integrated delivery of health care.
  • House Bill 1268 clarifies certain DUI sentencing provisions. Upon conviction of a traffic offense involving drugs or alcohol where the offender has one or more prior convictions, the court may proceed directly to sentencing without first considering the statutorily required alcohol and drug evaluation if the prosecuting attorney and the defendant stipulate to such convictions. For the first time convictions for DUI, DUI per se, DWAI, or habitual user, the court may suspend the mandatory minimum period of imprisonment if the offender undergoes a pre sentence or post sentence alcohol and drug evaluation. Such offenders must also complete and meet all financial obligations of an alcohol and drug driving safety program determined to be appropriate by the evaluation.
  • House Bill 1300 authorizes a new expedited method for resolving disputed claims over conservation easement state income tax credits.